What’s in a Name?

I like to name things.  I’ve named my guitar (Val), my ukulele (Ricardo), and my first laptop (Ruby).  So naturally, I wanted to come up with a killer name for my blog.

I came up with Narrative Spark because of my first year of college as a creative writing major.  The name is a play on “narrative arc,” which is a term we used probably every class in my creative writing workshop.  It refers to the course of action in a story: rising action, climax, and falling action.  A huge part of creating a good story is having your narrative arc be dynamic and not just a boring straight line.

This blog is my narrative, my story.  And right now, it’s all rising action.

This blog is also a place to share my ideas, passions, and new-found knowledge.  Hopefully it sparks your creativity, your passion, and your inspiration!




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